17. Athletic performance training from last night and today. Watch the full training regiment on the
7 we are athletes. _It is better to be a warrior in a garden, then a gardener in a war
17. Training back biomechanics with the ladies of Team Nebraska
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Knowledge is power. _www.lgfitnessmessiah.com L.G
17. Today's posing practice. .😉 Check out the full version of the video on the Youtube link below
17. Expect progress, see progress, live progress.__Knowledge is power. Grinding! __www.lgfitnessmess
Knowledge is power. _www.lgfitnessmessiah.com L.G
16. Today's functional Training session with D
About L.G.

Hello, I am Lamont Gilchrist a Master Certified Personal Trainer and Pro Bodybuilding and Athlete with over 45,000 clinical hours, and 20 years of experience in nutrition and exercise with certifications from (ISSA) International Sports Sciences Association, (ACE) American Council On Exercise and The University of Nebraska at Omaha Exercise Science program. 

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Me almost 20 years ago when I won my #wn

When starting a new health and exercise routine, scheduling for the transition can make for a positive start.


1. Start with the eating. Changing you eating habits and becoming consistent, is the most important step.


2. Help your heart. Start with a low impact cardiovascular routine.


3. Learn proper lifting techniques. Lifting weights can be dangerous. Learning proper technique and a basic routine can keep you from a lifetime of pain and frustration.


4. Allow for rest. Everyone hits the wall. Don't be afraid to take time off. This journey is more like a marathon than a sprint.


L.G. Fit